The key to making your event hashtag go viral is to be authentic. One way you can do this is by telling a story about the event and giving people an inside look at what makes it special.  In addition, make sure that the images in your post are high quality so that they will get picked up by social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. Lastly, use trending hashtags with a similar topic as yours in order to connect with other people who might enjoy your content.

Here are five great tips for how to make that happen!

1) Ensure the hashtag is as short and easy-to-read as possible. 

2) Use it consistently in all of your marketing materials.

3) Put the hashtag on any signage at the event location or around town where people might see it.

4) Encourage attendees to share photos with the hashtag using a photo booth at the event or another creative idea

5) Promote your hashtags campaign through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.